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Comfort Club Membership - HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Why should I have my system maintained?

Your heating and cooling system uses more than 50 percent of your home energy bill. While changing the filter is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your heating/cooling system working, a regular routine maintenance with a licensed heating & air professional will help to prevent your comfort system from malfunctioning in the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights.

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Check Safety Controls

Check for Proper Temperature Difference

Check Voltage & Amperage on Motors & Compressors

Check Thermostat Operation

Check Burner Operation (Gas Systems)

Monitor Limit Controls

Check Starting Capabilities

Clean Condensate Drain

Check All Electrical Connections

Lubricate All Moving Parts Where Needed

Check Heat Exchanger (Gas Systems)

Examine Indoor Air Quality (Test Provided)

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